New (in Germany): PrEP available at the Pharmacies!

A new procedure for prescribing generic PrEP in Germany

The medication Emtricitabine/Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (TDF) from Hexal is now available for EUR 50.05 per month at pharmacies specialized in treating HIV.

To obtain the medication you will need a prescription from a doctor registered in Germany.

The doctor of your choice has to be prepared to generally consult you about PrEP and to regularly run a range of tests i.e. preliminary HIV testing, blood and urine tests.

Neither the cost for the medication nor the necessary medical monitoring are covered by German health insurances. However, it is often possible to find alternative ways to settle costs – just speak to your doctor. Everyone who is physically situated in Germany (tourists, people without legal status/without health insurance) are entitled to a private prescription from a doctor.

In order for the pharmacy to process your private prescription correctly, it has to read: “28 Filmtabletten Emtricitabin/Tenofovir-Disoproxil zur Verblisterung für die PrEP,” (e.g. 3 × 28 pills for three months). The pharmacy will thereafter have the tablets repackaged and blistered (plastic packaged) in Cologne, wherefore it might take some days before you can pick them up.

A list of the pharmacies participating in the 50-Euro-PrEP-program can be found here: (the list is expected to grow in the near future).



Download PDF:  undetectable_leaflet_lovelazers2017.pdf (3 MB)

People who are HIV-positive are not infectious if their treatment is effective. How safe is treatment as prevention? Does it count as safer sex? Is it more fun? How does this form of prevention work in committed relationships? Does it also work for people who are dating multiple people or during darkroom encounters? What should we do if we are super horny, high, or in love?


PEP – The After Pill

You can find the PDF-leaflet here (11MB)

Forgot the rubber? Worried about the last date‘s HIV status after having barebacked together? In doubt about the effectiveness of a steady HIV-positive sex partner‘s treatment and whether they really lie ‘below detection level’? Or just maybe (still) drunk or wasted and without a clue as to what precisely happened the other day?

– If you had unprotected sex, the best thing is to remain calm. A potential infection can be prevented, if you act quickly. With (access to) PEP you have this option. Continue reading PEP – The After Pill

Ready for PrEP!

– updated version March 2017 –

Leaflet as PDF here (616 KB)

Previous preventative measures – such as condom use during sex – have not been sufficient to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS. PrEP, a new medical option for HIV/AIDS prevention in the form of a pill, will hopefully be available for everyone here in Europe sometime soon. People at a greater risk of HIV infection now have additional options for effectively protecting themselves. This flyer aims to help you decide whether PrEP is the right choice for you and which form is best. It’s been specifically written for men who have sex with men (including inter, trans*, bi, cis, pan, gay, hetero, queer or other) and for all who are interested in the topic. It’s been written with the belief that everyone – who needs or wants PrEP – must have access to it as quickly as possible.
Continue reading Ready for PrEP!

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