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PrEP Available At German Pharmacies!

If you have statutory health insurance in Germany read PrEP covered by health insurance

Early 2019 Update

‘Duomevolen’ by Amneal (ca 50 EUR) and ‘Emtenovo’ by TAD Pharma (ca 60EUR/35 tablets) are available in all german pharmacies beside the Ratiopharm product.

December 2017 – New: PrEP for 70 EUR

The generic drug “Emtricitabin/Tenofovirdisoproxil-ratiopharm® 200 mg/245 mg Filmtabletten” by Ratiopharm costs 70EUR (30 pills) and can be prescribed by any doctor (also people from EU, CH and Norway).

September 2017 – New: PrEP for 40 EUR

The medication “Emtricitabin/Tenofovirdisoproxil HEXAL®” from Hexal is now available for EUR 40 per month at pharmacies specialized in treating HIV.

To obtain the medication you will need a prescription from a doctor registered in Germany.

The doctor of your choice has to be prepared to generally consult you about PrEP and to regularly run a range of tests i.e. preliminary HIV testing, blood and urine tests.

Neither the cost for the medication nor the necessary medical monitoring are covered by German health insurances. However, it is often possible to find alternative ways to settle costs – just speak to your doctor. Everyone who is physically situated in Germany (tourists, people without legal status/without health insurance) are entitled to a private prescription from a doctor.

In order for the pharmacy to process your private prescription correctly, it has to read: “28 Filmtabletten Emtricitabin/Tenofovir-Disoproxil zur Verblisterung für die PrEP,” (e.g. 3 × 28 pills for three months). The pharmacy will thereafter have the tablets repackaged and blistered (plastic packaged) in Cologne, wherefore it might take some days before you can pick them up.

A list of the pharmacies participating in the 40-Euro-PrEP-program