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A contribution by the “mikro-keller-crew”:

The poetry show, which was shown in the cellar at the Tuntenhaushoffest July 2018 in Berlin, is printed here again. In October 2018 the exhibition was shown at the Hot Club at the Koch-Areal in Zurich. The text of the exhibition with an introduction – and thoughts on why this exhibition has to be – is documented at the end.


Berlin. Bogotá. Love Lazers.

I met Mikrobio one night in New York, 8 years ago, we made an instant click and the next day we were traveling together outside of the city. During these years our friendship has become a place of support and collaboration. His work with nightlife in Berlin, techno and activism has motivated me. When he told me about Love Lazers, which is basically a group of friends, sexy nerds, lovers of nightlife, cruising, and activists for the right to have a free and healthy sexuality. I invited him to Colombia then, to do some activism together before the tremendous silence that exists regarding HIV in the country. Scary !!!
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Love Kuir Lazers


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Our program at the KUIR FEST BOGOTÁ in November 2018

Open lecture, workshop and photographic exhibition November 17 to 30 at El Sanatorio. The Project Love Lazers is an information activist group that is working for knowledge and free access to PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), a new medical option for the prevention of HIV / AIDS in the form of a pill that we hope will be available to all of you very soon.

Launched in 2015, Love Lazers currently consists of eight activists in Berlin, Zürich, Bogotá and Leipzig, focusing on working in nightlife and Internet spaces. Some of the members of the group are in homosexual and discordant relationships (HIV + and -) and have been educated in the fields of art, sociology, medicine and law. Some have long experience in the areas of prevention and information about drugs. Others also work as artists, djs and programmers. Their work network expands slowly and they are independent of any specific institution.
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Better Sliding (with lube recipe!)

A lubricant (or short: lube) is a substance which makes sex more slippy. It reduces the friction between skin and skin, or between skin and the rubber of a condom. Lube can subjectively amplify or attenuate the sensibility of your erogenous zone (you feel that’s more horny or less horny). If you feel an unpleasant pain while fucking, you can apply some lube which will ease the pain – much more efficiently than spit would. Continue reading Better Sliding (with lube recipe!)