Who We Are

Love Lazers started in 2015 in the moment when a handful of people in Berlin, Bogota and Zurich had began a nightlife scene in which Electronic music was its day. These people are diverse; some had careers within medicine and law, some live in serodiscordant partnerships and some were schooled entirely by life. Since long, some are now working in the fields of Aids activism and drug politics.

We therefore see our assignment, information on forms of safer sex and drug use/­consumption – and as a result statements concerning stigmas and emancipation, all based on a collective self-organised and activist-led perspective, therefore making all content accessible to everyone. So find our info online and in our printed flyers available in six languages. We have the first extended information “Undetectable” and the use of PrEP published in German and also the discussion in resulting decisive influence of its use here. Recently we´ve contributed to the Berlin based exhibition “Hypermasculinity Poetry” and have published a condom update “The Condom and its breaking test durability”. Since 2018 there is now Love Lazers Columbia.
We are well connected. As an initiative, we are neither institution nor do we get public promotion. The person who has will can participate with us.


Coming soon from us is a safer-use info on ´Slamming´. We collaborate with the project “701 anyway – HIV prevention today”, fashion design and new knowledge around Safer Sex combining and working together with photographers from Chicago, Paris, Bogotá and Berlin.


We´ve been asked many times already where our name comes from:

is our theme and our theme is love because we get so much love on the way with our heavenly rides. Because love, love, love is making fun, much more fun than anything.
are our bundled, coherent rays of light with long reach and energy. Lazers are precise. Lazers with a ´Z´ is far cooler than conventional ´Laser´and is very modern. Lazers colourfully illuminate the darkness with their sharp contours.

Jetting with us in the lightspeed of love!

Foto: who is in? Murat Önen, 2017